The section presents bibliographies on 28 languages of peoples of the North which descriptions are provided in section Languages and Cultures. Compilers attempted to take into consideration the main socio-linguistic publications, descriptions and grammatical studies of the languages, educational manuals, dictionaries and phrase books. Some bibliographies are auxiliary in nature and oriented at readers’ acquaintance with literature on the topic, while others (see, for instance, articles on Mansi, Nivkh, Teleut) are compiled with maximum precision, and, therefore, can be used by professional researchers. Each bibliography is supplemented with a link directly addressing an article, description of a certain Siberian language.

In addition to bibliographies of academic and educational literature on languages and cultures, you can also find bibliography of fiction in languages of peoples of Chukotka compiled by Dr. A.A. Burykin (currently available in Russian only).

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Tips for searching

Bibliographic description of a publication is represented by a single line of text, so you can enter any word or combination of words, that you expect to be present in the description. The word may be one from the title of publication, the author’s or editor’s name or even the year of publication. Please pay attention that the search is case-sensitive and bibliographic description are presented using their original script (i.e. most are written with Cyrillic alphabet).

The database currently contains about 2100 titles.

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