Languages and Cultures

In table “Peoples and languages of Russian Federation” statistical data based on the materials of USSR National Population Censuses of 1926, 1959, 1970, 1979 1989 as well as of Russian National Census of 2002, are provided. Some data of the First National Population Census of the Russian Empire of 1897 are given. In the censuses of 1926, 1959, 1970, 1979 и 1989, the data on USSR and RSFSR are provided separately. This allows to compare data of these censuses with Russian National Population Census of 2002. [full text]

The descriptions of languages provided by:

  • A.N. Bitkeeva (Aleutian, Kumandin, Nivkh, Asian Eskimo)
  • A.A. Burykin (Mansi, Koryak, Chukchi, Even, Yukagir)
  • A.Kh. Girfanova (Nanai, Oroch, Udeghe, Ulchi)
  • V.Yu. Gusev (Itelmen, Kerek, Nganasan, Negidal, Enets)
  • O.A. Kazakevich (Ket, Selkup)
  • I.A. Muraviova (Aliutor)
  • I.A. Nevskaya (Teleut, Shor)
  • V.I. Rassadin (Soyot, Tofalar)
  • A.R. Tazranova (Chelkan)
  • D.A. Funk (Chulym Turk, Uilta)

Important note

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