Thematic Block III

Recent projects of preservation of archival materials and endangered languages

Chairs: I.A. Nevskaya and D.A. Funk

  1. Nevskaya, Irina Anatolievna (Frankfurt-on-Main) Language documentation as a new linguistic discipline [text]

    …The main goal of language documentation is rather a documentation of a language in different settings of its natural use that is a record of different communicative situations in various social and cultural contexts, than a mere fixation of a linguistic system. This documentation is performed with the use of all technologies available to a researcher at present: audio and video records, pictures and graphics, hand written texts. Then all types of information are deciphered, annotated and analyzed, commented and archived. The priority is given to the following principles of language documentation…

  2. Esipova, Alisa Vasilievna (Novokuznetsk) Project “Shorica”: “Establishment of Electronic body of Shor texts (literary and oral language) with the purpose of preservation of the endangered language, its linguistic description” [text]
  3. Funk, D.A. (Moscow) The Last Epic Singer project: audio recording of the last samples of vanishing poetic language of the Shors [ text ]
  4. Burykin, A.A. (St.Petersburg) On the project of restoration of wax rollers with Siberian materials from the Phonogramme Archive of Pushlinskiy Dom [text]

    …Without exaggeration it is possible to tell, that the sphere of folklore is unique mean of maintenance of the highest level of the language competence among all users of language – either among ethnic users, or among experts who in this respect for a long time are initiated amidst the keepers of traditional ethnic folklore irrespective of the fact, whether their colleagues – linguists, specialists in folklore and ethnographers or other representatives of ethnos in the greater degree distanced from language and traditional culture of ethnos, than those who is engaged in languages and ethnography, recognize this fact…

  5. Nefedov, Andrey (Leipzig) Project of compilation of Comprehensive Ket-Russian Dictionary [text]

    …Ket Project is a project of compilation of Comprehensive Ket-Russian Dictionary supplemented with additional translation of all lemmata in English and German languages. The project is implemented by the faculty of Siberian languages department of Tomsk State Pedagogical University. The project's realization would not be possible without financial support of Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany…

  6. Kazakevich, O.A. (Moscow) Multimedia database on Ket language [text]

    …The project being realized at the Laboratory for Computational Lexicography of the Research Computer Centre of Moscow State Lomonosov University with financial support of the Russian Foundation for the Humanities is just aimed at preservation of linguistic diversity or at least the memories of it for the future generations. The project proceeds on new linguistic material the work started by our group in 2001 which presupposed complex documentation of endangered languages of Russia using modern technologies of audio and video recording and creation of a computerized multimedia archive (a database) for preserving the collected field data and for providing a convenient access to them during their future processing…

  7. Khanina O.V., Shluinski A.B. The Enets Language Documentation Project
  8. Chakhovtsov, K.G., Funk, D.A., Burykin A.A., Gusev V.Y., Bitkeeva A. (Moscow/St.Petersburg) Presentation of informational portal “Endangered Languages of the Peoples of Siberia” on the site of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences
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