Roundtable on Endangered Languages
of Indigenous Peoples of Siberia
Preliminary Programme

Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology,
Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow, October, 27-28

October, 27

Plenary Session

I. Discussion of the experience of UNESCO, foundations and societies of preservation of endangered languages, academic and other institutions and organizations operating in the filed of preservation of and development of endangered languages of peoples of Siberia

  1. Tishkov, Valeriy Alexandrovich (Moscow) Speech of welcome to the round table participants
  2. Moreva, Liubava Mikhailovna (UNESCO, Moscow) Speech of welcome to the round table participants
  3. Kurilova, Irina Sergeevna (Moscow) The work of the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the Far North, Siberia and the Far East of Russian Federation on preservation of endangered languages
  4. Vakhtin, Nikolay Borisovich (St.-Petersburg) Criteria of classification of languages as endangered and probable errors in interpretation of linguistic situations
  5. Alpatov, Vladimir Mikhailovich (Moscow) What Should we do with Russia’s numerically small languages?
  6. Petrov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (St.-Petersburg) Institute of Peoples of the North of RSPU named after A.I. Hertzen as a Russian National Training Center for Students from the Regions of the North, Siberia and Far East of Russian Federation (based on working experience)
  7. Pakendorf Brigitte (Leipzig) The Linguistics Department at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and the study of Siberian languages
  8. Golovko, Evgeniy Vasilievich (St. Petersburg) On Experience of Endangered Languages Studies in the Institute of Linguistic Research, Russian Academy of Sciences
  9. Kuzmin, Mihail Nikolaevich, Nasilov, Dmitriy Mikhailovich, Artemenko, Olga Ivanovna (Moscow) Native languages of indigenous numerically small peoples of the North in the context of educational system reform


II. Sociolinguistic context of everyday life of endangered languages (Chairs: V.I. Rassadin and O.A. Kazakevich)

  1. Rassadin, Valentin Ivanovich (Ulan-Ude) On the problems of revitalization and preservation of languages of some numerically small Turkic peoples of Southern Siberia
  2. Nazarov, Ivan Ivanovich (Barnaul) Language of Kumandins as an endangered language: Present day conditions and possible ways of revitalization
  3. Kazakevich, Olga Anatolievna (Moscow) Functioning of indigenous peoples’ languages on the territory of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Turukhansk District, Krasnoyarsk Region and Evenkian Autonomous District
  4. Pluzhnikov, Nikolay Vladimirovich (Moscow) Native language in the value system of the present day culture of peoples of the North
  5. Girfanova, Albina Khakimovna (St. Petersburg) Contemporary situation of Udehe and Oroch languages
  6. Samarina, Irina Vladimirovna (Moscow) On the experience of establishment of database “Languages of Russia: A Sociolinguistic Perspective”


18:15-19:45 Training seminar on the work with Toolbox program (directed by Prof. I.A. Nevskaya)

October, 28

III. Experience and problems of teaching endangered languages in universities in Russia (Chairs: I.V. Shentsova and A.A. Burykhin)

  1. Burykin, Alexey Alexeevich (St. Petersburg) Languages of numerically small peoples of the North, Siberia, and the Far East in the dynamics of linguistic education environment change
  2. Shentsova, Irina Vitalievna (Novokuznetsk) Learning a native language and culture by Shor youth in the context of university and graduate education
  3. Zakharova, Larisa Vasilievna
  4. Lalaeva, Maya Efimovna Mansi language in socio-cultural space of Ugra
  5. Gotych Svetlana Nikolaevna
  6. Zaksor Liubov Zhorzhevna Experience and problems of teaching of Nanai language in the Institute of Peoples of the North, RSPU named after A.I. Hertzen


IV. Recent projects of preservation of archival materials and endangered languages (Chairs: I.A. Nevskaya and D.A. Funk)

  1. Nevskaya, Irina Anatolievna (Frankfurt-on-Main) Language documentation as a new linguistic discipline
  2. Esipova, Alisa Vasilievna (Novokuznetsk) Project “Shorica”: “Establishment of Electronic body of Shor texts (literary and oral language) with the purpose of preservation of the endangered language, its linguistic description”
  3. Funk, D.A. (Moscow) The Last Epic Singer project: audio recording of the last samples of vanishing poetic language of the Shors
  4. Burykin, A.A. (St.-Petersburg) On the project of restoration of wax rollers with Siberian materials from Pushkinskiy Dom archive
  5. Nefedov, Andrey (Leipzig) Project of compilation of Comprehensive Ket-Russian Dictionary
  6. Kazakevich, O.A. (Moscow) Multimedia database on Ket language
  7. Khanina O.V., Shuinski A.B. The Enets Language Documentation Project
  8. Chakhovtsov, K.G., Funk, D.A., Burykin A.A., Gusev V.Y., Bitkeeva A. (Moscow/St.-Petersburg) Presentation of informational portal “Endangered Languages of the Peoples of Siberia” on the site of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences


Summary Session

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