Thematic Block II

Experience and problems of teaching endangered languages in universities in Russia

Chairs: I.V. Shentsova and A.A. Burykhin

  1. Burykin, Alexey Alexeevich (St. Petersburg) Languages of numerically small peoples of the North, Siberia, and the Far East in the dynamics of linguistic education environment change [text]

    …Discussion of problems of mastering and using the second language at bilinguism should be begun with what is not usually done either by the linguists, or by sociologists, or especially teachers – from the analysis of bilinguism in that language environment in which schoolboys and students grow, are brought up and trained, and to continue, examining that in essence was never done at discussion of problems of bilinguism…

  2. Shentsova, Irina Vitalievna (Novokuznetsk) Learning a native language and culture by Shor youth in the context of university and graduate education [text]

    …In the system of higher philological education Shor language and literature have been taught as an elective specialty at the department of Russian language and literature of KuzSPA since 1989. In 2002 new specialty 10.02.02 “Languages of the Peoples of Russia (Shor language)” was opened in the graduate school of KuzSPA…

  3. Zakharova, Larisa Vasilievna [ text ]

    …Languages of numerically small peoples of the North have been deprived of an opportunity of full value functioning. The whole generation of 20 year old young people was brought up, not having any command of the native language, customs and traditions. In the result, the youth has a feeling of spiritual discomfort; ethnic identity and mentality are degrading … The general trend of the loss of the native language is conditioned by the certain situation in the place, which has been regulated by conscious efforts of certain individuals or by ignored problems of development of the languages of numerically small ethnic groups…

  4. Lalaeva, Maya Efimovna Mansi language in socio-cultural space of Ugra [ текст ]

    …During several years experimental work aimed at initiation of pupils in the ethnic culture, native language, customs and traditions, at formation of ethnic identity has been conducted in national schools. The general problem of experimental work conducted in schools is “Formation and Development of Ethnic Identity of Pupils”…

  5. Gotych Svetlana Nikolaevna
  6. Zaksor Liubov Zhorzhevna Experience and Problems of Teaching of Nanai Language in the Institute of Peoples of the North, RSPU named after A.I. Hertzen [ текст ]

    …One of the problems arising in teaching is the lack of educational manuals on methods of teaching of the native language connected with the lack of specialists. Another serious problem is training of young teachers of native language in universities connected with housing shortage in relation to young specialists…

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