The presentations by the particitants of the Round Table were made within the framework of the Plenary Session and three Thematic Blocks.

  • Plenary Session

    I. Discussion of the experience of UNESCO, foundations and societies of preservation of endangered languages, academic and other institutions and organizations operating in the filed of preservation of and development of endangered languages of peoples of Siberia [to texts]

  • Thematic Block I

    Sociolinguistic context of everyday life of endangered languages (Chairs: V.I. Rassadin and O.A. Kazakevich) [to texts]

  • Thematic Block II

    Experience and problems of teaching endangered languages in universities in Russia (Chairs: I.V. Shentsova and A.A. Burykhin) [to texts]

  • Thematic Block III

    Recent projects of preservation of archival materials and endangered languages (Chairs: I.A. Nevskaya and D.A. Funk) [to texts]

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