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UNESCO Register of Good Practices in Language Preservation

In accordance with its mission to protect and promote cultural diversity, and in particular to encourage the safeguarding of endangered languages as an essential part of the living heritage of humanity, UNESCO calls for submissions to its online 'Register of Good Practices in Language Preservation' under the Endangered Languages Programme. We are interested in collecting reports on both ongoing and past projects.


The purpose of this Register is to identify and collect reports concerning efforts in language preservation, as a means to facilitate the dissemination of Good Practice knowledge, expertise and experience in this area, and thus to encourage future application and adaptation worldwide. To this end, we ask speaker communities, governmental and non-governmental organisations, and related experts to share their good experiences in the preservation, revitalisation and promotion of endangered languages with a wider public, via our Good Practices database.

Registry in this database is also meant to ensure the visibility, recognition, and accessibility of the projects entered (the UNESCO portal recording over 10 million hits on average every month).


We solicit the submission of case reports on any form of community-based projects concerning language preservation, - e.g. reports on local/regional projects in education, revitalisation, standardisation, community development, awareness raising, capacity building, documentation, use of new technologies, etc.

(Note: These can be projects that do not focus on language exclusively but include language as one aspect among their concerns)

For submission, please use the form and the guidelines available on the Register website of the UNESCO Endangered Languages Programme:

Submissions will be reviewed by UNESCO experts prior to web publication to ensure consistency.

Your participation is greatly appreciated – it helps establish a valuable service of knowledge transfer in language preservation, for future efforts and projects worldwide that safeguard language diversity as an important aspect of our living heritage.

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