Educational Programs

International Scholarship Program of Ford Foundation

The program based on open competition provides full funding to successful candidates wishing to continue their education on the master or doctoral level in the sphere of social sciences and humanities in any country of the world, including Russian universities.

A peculiarity of the program is its orientation on the candidates from those groups of population who have a limited access to graduate education, also abroad. In this connection one of target groups is indigenous and numerically small peoples of Russian Federation.

Details are available on the program’s website.

Project «Shorica»: Post-project activity in the sphere of development of IT in education

Application of electronic resources in education requires qualified teachers. Therefore, elective discipline “Electronic Technologies in Teaching Shor Language in University and School” (authored by A.V. Esipova) was introduced at Shor branch of DRLL, KuzSPA. The course is allotted with 20 hours. The object of study includes the existing electronic bodies of texts in Turkic languages. The course is aimed at teaching students the rules of using electronic resources in Shor language. The main tasks of the course:

  • providing students with the information on international experience of creation of electronic databases of Turkic languages;
  • teaching students the means of access and use of information, provided on website «Shoriya», in the process of studies (especially, during preparation of term papers and degree works);
  • preparing educational and methodological materials on the application of website «Shoriya» in curricular and extracurricular activities in school by students.


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